So Sound Design is an architectural and interior design company which looks to provide our clients with the very highest standard of work.

We understand that business and personal needs often transcend past what we can achieve on our own, but as customer satisfaction is our main aim we look to offer a service that will deliver the contemporary or traditional styles that many business and home owners are seeking.

Here at So Sound Design, we will monitor your projects progress extensively with our feasibility study, which will inform you of what is the next best step to take saving you time and money. The planning advice and application services will significantly bolster your chances of getting the local authorities stamp of approval. 

At So Sound we maintain a close relationship with one of the leading building control specialists, which in turn has allowed us to develop an understanding of what requirements need to be ticked in accordance with government rules.

With years of experience under our belts, we have been able to work within the different sectors that this line of work often leads us to. Whether it be a local restaurant looking for a refurb or an office space needing an extension, here at So Sound Design we have the means to help you achieve your aims.

Our project management services will allow us to oversee your project for you whilst keeping your business interests intact. All the services we provide under the project management umbrella are optional but if needed we can handle the administrational issues and monitor employees progression.

So Sound Design has carried out projects in the Wakefield area since the businesses inception. One particular client based near Wakefield approached our architectural team to create additional interior space, as well as updating the seventies style envelope of the house. By enlarging the floor space on the ground floor of the building the property owner was able to build a bigger kitchen, dining room and a second bathroom whilst sticking within their budget.

Due to the nature of the project, So Sound Design were able to offer two stylish finishes which added to the already outstanding aesthetics of the home. Both styles offered large glass installations to complete the look and progress was monitored frequently through full coloured visuals to tweak the vision if needed be.

As So Sound Design can provide clients with the service of planning advice and application, we managed to address the issue of a raised sewer in the back of the property whilst also gaining permission to create a new vehicular access point to the house.

If you require any of the services mentioned in this post or are interested in starting a brand new project at your home or business then do not hesitate to call us on 01977 685 007.

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