So Sound Design is an interior design and architectural company set up to help clients achieve their aims. Fusing together a broad sector and style knowledge with years of experience, we are able to adapt to client's objectives regardless of whether they are required in contemporary or traditional styles. Business and personal needs change frequently, and at So Sound Design we have set up several services to help you in your transition.

Client satisfaction is our number one priority, and to achieve this we have set up several services, including progress monitoring and feasibility studies. You can feel safe as you will always have the guidance of our expert interior design and architectural teams, thus ensuring that you make the next correct move saving you time and money.

So Sound Design also offers services that will enhance your chances of having your planning application accepted by the local authorities. Each property in the UK must meet standards set by the government, and at So Sound we have extensive knowledge of what boxes need to be ticked to ensure your property is up to scratch.

Project management is a service we provide at So Sound Design, and if selected we can provide employee monitoring whilst also overseeing the progress of your project, ensuring that you receive the highest quality service possible without delay.

So Sound Design were given a brief to design a three bedroom house in the Sheffield area within the boundaries of the garden of the ‘host’ building. The green belt land proved to be an issue as this was the only aspect of planning that imposed challenges upon the team. Throughout the project we provided the client with a fully detailed drawing package, which came to help bolster the chances for the approval of the different building regulations.

The client wanted to retain the chalet style in which the host property sported. In the end, due to the green belt requirements, our team decided to rotate the new building ninety degrees, creating a feeling of openness as the roofs of the two buildings sloped away from each other. To finish the project the architectural team added a composite timber finish to the front elevation of the new building. 

If you are based in the Sheffield area and would like more information, please call us on 01977 685 007.

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