So Sound Design is an architectural and interior design company set up to help clients achieve their project aims by adapting several years industry and sector knowledge, years of experience and the understanding of traditional and contemporary styles. Personal tastes often change, and although it is sometimes hard to fathom, so too do business needs. As client satisfaction is our priority we look to help our clients achieve these project goals, whether it be for a business or a private property.

So Sound offer the service of monitoring the progress of your project from the start to the finish. Our feasibility study will save you money by advising you on what is the next best step to take in achieving your aims and this will also save you a lot of time. 

Here at So Sound Design we also offer an exceptional planning advice and planning application service ensuring that you will have your projects application accepted by authorities. As we have an extensive knowledge of this line of work we also know what requirements must be ticked off when developing your project in accordance with the standards the government has set.

We also offer a project management service, which will allow us to oversee your project. Under this we can also offer contract administration and closely monitor employee’s progress to ensure your project is completed as quickly and to the highest standard possible.

Manchester has been a hotbed for So Sound Design clients as of recent. We have worked on several projects, including a complete interior renovation of the Zen Garden Bar. For this project we were told to capture the user’s imagination, and to do this we proposed a brand new lighting system which completely shifted the atmosphere of the building. 

So Sound Design also helped seal the lease for a sneaker store on Oldham Street in Manchester city centre. The client had to create a concept design scheme to gain approval in order to lease the property and the brief that was assigned to us asked us to divide the floor space into two different sections. Our team were able to create a detailed concept design that really captured the masculinity of the customers that are present on a daily basis.

If you require any of the services listed on this page or would like to enquire about what we can provide, do not hesitate to call us on 01977 685 007.

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