So Sound Design is a company that strives to provide solutions to the highest standard, all whilst meeting the architectural and interior design needs of our clients.

With a thorough understanding of contemporary and traditional styles, our main aim is to utilise this knowledge and our broad experience of the different sectors to develop functional and well-crafted designs for the interior and exterior of your business and/or home.

We offer planning advice, and will aid you in your application to the local authorities to bolster your chances of having your project accepted by submitting feasibility studies, drawings and measurements. Working closely with one of the UK’s leading building control specialists, we have been able to develop a grasp of what your property must include and do to meet health and safety, welfare and energy efficiency needs.

Our extensive knowledge of the different sectors we have been contracted to ensures that we are able to tend to the different interior design needs we are approached to look at. Whether you are looking to have a new kitchen fitted, your office space renovating or your restaurant’s style updating, our expert team are guaranteed to achieve this aim without sacrificing the function of the interior.

At So Sound Design we also provide project management as a service, and will look to oversee your project from start to finish whilst also protecting your business interests. With contract administration and monitoring available too, we are able to assist you during the development of the project, allowing you to carry on with your daily routine stress-free.

Since our inception we have worked on several high profile projects in the Leeds area. It was the role of our project manager, for instance, to oversee that the extension of the Topshop and Marks & Spencer stores and the integrated Trinity centre. Several high risk activities were undertaken to ensure this project was completed to the highest standard such as asbestos removal and demolition. Due to the excellent management of the overall project Leeds has now put itself on the map as one of the key shopping destinations in the United Kingdom.

If you are based in the Leeds, Manchester or Yorkshire area and want to get the most out of your architectural or interior design project then do not hesitate to call our expert team on 01977 685 007.

Delivering architecture, interior design and project management across the UK