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At So Sound Design in Leeds and Manchester we strive to deliver commercial interior design schemes that have a positive visual impact, that communicates your companies ideals and promote your brand ethics.

Our creative team aims to deliver a workspace that will enhance your business performance and improve the wellbeing of staff.

The So Sound interiors team will ensure your workspace is user friendly, comfortable and highly functional.

Your new workspace will improve the wellbeing of the staff, this can be measured in terms of productivity and staff retention.

The So Sound Design team services:

  • Site Survey.

  • Feasibility Study.

  • Schematic drawing package.

  • Future Proofing Scheme.

  • Space Planning.

  • Furniture Specification & Supply.

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The brief was to provide the client with an innovative office that not only functioned to the best capability but also took the wellbeing of the staff into consideration. The brief itself was to manipulate...

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I would like to take this opportunity to thank you on behalf of Whitehaven RLFC for the work undertaken by your company So Sound Architecture & Interior Design on the refurbishment at Whitehaven Rugby League's Recreation Ground, consisting of the modification of the existing changing room, the provision of a new changing room and gym area. The work included support in development of specifications and design, along with plans for the refurbishment, which I have to say were all completed to an extremely high standard in the most efficient manner, showing great urgency to meet our extremely tight deadlines.

Whitehaven RLFC

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What is an interior architect / designer?
So Sound Design’s design director is an interior architect; specialising in designing and building interiors for safety, functionality and aesthetics. A qualified interior architect requires an understanding on durability, practicality and strength of building materials, knowledgeable in the nature and use of light, with a strong understanding of building construction. Interior architects draft plans to create or refinish spaces in private homes or commercial buildings, with their clients' tastes in mind. Each job may require interaction with different clients, additional architects or designers, construction teams and inspectors. In creating plans for a space, they take into account interior construction, lighting and furnishings. Interior architects must also be aware of local authority planning law and building regulations. An interior architect is usually involved in a project from start to completion; initially meeting with the client in order to determine the expectation of the project, creating concept schemes and developing ideas with the client in order to create a final design. An interior architect will communicate their ideas on space planning, through sketches, mood boards, technical drawings and 3D models. A final design package may also include electrical, ventilation and lighting layouts with structural details (if required) and furnishings schemes.

I have a remodeling project but I’m not sure if I need an interior architect / designer or an architect?
This is a common question. Typically, an interior architect / designer has the skills and professional education to design and draft new space plans — whether reconfiguring an existing interior space or adding an extension to a home — as well as develop lighting and electrical plans, selecting all interior finishes such as flooring, countertops, tile, paint colours, wall and window treatments, specify plumbing, appliances, cabinetry and furnishings, (to name a few). If a project involves changing structural load bearing walls or adding square footage, an architect or architectural designer and/or structural engineer will need to be part of the design team. They’ll provide the necessary drawings and structural calculations required by your local building department, to ensure your safety and welfare, as well as passing the necessary building control inspections. The benefits of choosing So Sound Design are that we are able to provide our clients with both architectural and interior design services.

My project only involves re-decorating my space, how does a professional interior designer’s skills differ from an in-store decorator at a local furniture, tile, or kitchen and bath showroom?
Many times retail in-store decorators are primarily sales people. They’ve had only a limited education in interior design and space planning, unlike professional interior architects / designers who attend comprehensive, accredited 4 year interior architecture programs at university. Typically, in-store decorators are not as well versed in scale, proportion, space planning, colour theory and health and safety issues. Also, they’ll only offer you product selections from their featured lines. Professional interior architects have access to hundreds of trade-only vendors and manufacturer’s worldwide. If you decide to use an in-store designer make sure you ask about their qualifications in order to determine if they are the right man for your job.

What information will the interior architect / designer ask me for?
Your interior architect / designer will ask you a few core questions as part of your initial brief: How big is the project? What is the purpose of your project? For residential scheme this could include style update, remodelling or an extension. For commercial and hospitality scheme it could be office relocation, updating a restaurant or bar or rebranding of a retail store. Are there elements of your current interior you are planning to keep? Is there a particular atmosphere you would like to create? Have you worked with an interior designer before? What did you like/dislike about that experience? What is your budget and estimated timeframe for completion?

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