So Sound Design are a project management, interior design and architectural company based near Hull that can provide services for our client's personal and business needs.

Whether the client requires work towards a traditional or contemporary style, our specialist team has the relevant industry knowledge and experience to ensure our customers are completely satisfied with the service we provide.

Project management services are great as they grant you that extra peace of mind whilst we oversee your project, which will allow you to focus primarily on your business interests. Our feasibility studies are set up in a way to show you the next best possible step you should be taking towards completion of your project, saving you more time and money than you’d initially think. Having your project completed on time isn’t an issue as our optional employee monitoring service will ensure that the staff handling your project are working to their full potential.

As we have worked within the architectural and interior design industry for some years now, we know exactly what standards need to be met in accordance with the government’s rules on energy efficiency and other measurements, helping your proposed development tick all the boxes needed. Our specialist team also have the experience in helping you gain the relevant approval from the different local authorities ensuring that your project will get the green light.

So Sound Design have been contracted to several projects surrounding the Hull area. Overseeing the Trinity shopping centre in Leeds and vastly improving the floor space of the Topshop store, there are great examples of the different tasks that have been undertaken project management-wise. We have also worked to extend the rear and front of a nearby property in accordance with the traditional 70s style the client required.

If you require any similar interior design or architectural work in the Hull or surrounding areas then please don’t hesitate to contact our specialist team on 01977 685 007.

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