So Sound Design is an interior design and architectural business set up to provide a service which is comprised of years of experience and a wide range of sectoral knowledge. Working to the rules of contemporary and traditional styles, we are able to provide client satisfaction whilst also overseeing projects from start to finish, ensuring that your personal and business needs are achieved through the range of services provided.

At So Sound we offer a range of services under the project management umbrella. Our feasibility studies are designed to help you take the next best step in meeting your aims whilst saving you time and money. Our progress monitoring services, on the other hand, will protect your business interests whilst we take care of every aspect of the progression of the project, ensuring that the final product is up to the highest standards possible.

Receiving planning approval can sometimes prove a difficult task when looking to extend a current property, but our specialist team at So Sound are here to help you in bolstering your chances of having your application accepted by the local authorities. With years of industry knowledge under our belts, we also know which requirements your property must meet in accordance with the rules the government has set out.

Here at So Sound Design we want to help you see your project out from start to finish. We offer extensive services, including employee monitoring, to ensure that the staff working on your project are operating to their full potential. This will in turn speed up the progress whilst ensuring that the highest quality is obtained. 

So Sound were recently contracted to help build an extension to an existing building, which was formerly a stable block near the Huddersfield area. As with many cottages built over the period of the last three centuries, there is sometimes limited head space and this can cause issues with the way people live in this day and age.

The converted stables proved to be difficult to manoeuvre around given the work and living space the ceilings provide. The building is also built into the hillside on which it sits. The property required a total refurbishment to meet the needs of the client, and so plans were made to create an open plan kitchen, lounge and dining area alongside three bedrooms upstairs.

We had to provide plans to the local authorities for this project which proved that throughout the development of the interior the building would not protrude and interfere with the neighbouring buildings. Tanking details had to also be submitted as the new kitchen sits four feet below the external ground level.

For more information on this particular project or what we can offer, please feel free to call us on 01977 685 007.

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