So Sound Design is an architectural and interior design company based near Harrogate that is set up to provide guaranteed customer satisfaction whilst utilising our industry knowledge and years of experience.

Our understanding of our field of work allows us to work within the boundaries of contemporary and traditional styles, enabling us to help you achieve your aims - whether they be for business or for your own personal property.

We excel in the field of project management, giving our clients that peace of mind from the start of the project all the way to the end. With our feasibility studies you will no longer have to worry about the next best step to take on the way to completion of your project. Our expert team are here to guide you and advise you on which step will be best to ensure your project is completed as quickly and to the highest standard possible.

Our specialist team will be able to help you build an understanding of the requirements your property needs to fulfill when carrying out architectural and interior design work. So Sound Design will, for instance, offer you visuals that will heighten the likelihood of your project being accepted by the local authorities.

So Sound Design has recently engaged in several projects around the Harrogate area. Our team recently oversaw a project, which included a complete renovation of a historic rugby club, in Selby. The organisation had complete changes to its kitchen and staff areas, ensuring the client's business needs were met. We also managed the overhaul of the executive suits, enabling the clubhouse to use its new space as extended function rooms. 

If you require any interior design or architectural work tending to in the Harrogate and surrounding areas, then please do not hesitate to give our expert team a call on 01977 685 007.

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