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At So Sound Design in Leeds and Manchester, we feel it is important to offer our clients the option of carrying out a feasibility study. A feasibility study is designed to help our clients make informed decisions on how best to progress your project, before committing to too much time and expense. We believe the feasibility process allows you to understand the benefits and implications of your proposal at a very early stage in the process.

The extent of a feasibility study is dependent on the size and nature of the project, whether it be a domestic extension, where our key concerns would be planning and the impact on your neighbours, or a commercial project where forecasting costs and revenue could also be key factors.

The So Sound design team will evaluate and analyse your proposed project by:

  • Producing on outline brief.

  • Surveying the existing property or site.

  • Producing concept designs that reflect your initial brief and the site.

  • Highlighting potential planning concerns.

  • Commenting on the cost and benefit of each proposal.

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residential - new build stone bungalow

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So Sound Design provided us with a consultancy and design service, which allowed us to complete our renovation activity in just eight weeks and within a restricted and finite budget. Their excellent understanding of the planning process ensured that planning permission was granted quickly, with no issues – particularly challenging given the location of the building in a conservation area. Their design consultancy service ensured we were able to make well considered design decisions which allowed us to meet our aspirations within our limited budget. The resulting schedule of works provided by So Sound Design allowed us to manage our contractors and suppliers to very specific deliverables, enabling tight control of budget and timescales. It was a pleasure working with such a professional, knowledgeable and customer focussed organisation.

The Pavilion

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How far are you willing to travel?
For the right project the So Sound Design team work be willing to travel as far as necessary. Having offices in Leeds and Manchester doesn’t restrict us to the North West of England, we have recently worked on projects in Cornwall and Whitehaven.

Do I need Building Control Approval?
Almost certainly, most projects (apart from minor alterations) require Building Control approval.

Can you give an accurate estimate as to the cost of the work?
At So Sound Design we have built professional relations with building companies, allowing us to provide our clients with an accurate cost for proposed building works.

Are we nice to work with?
We think so, at So Sound Design we enjoy working alongside our clients to help them achieve their goals. Whether it is creating their prefect home or ideal work space. With 90% of our work coming from recommendations and returning clients we believe that we forge great relationship with all of our clients.

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