Why interior design is crucial in recruiting young talent

A recent study has found that around one fifth, or 21%, of young people have rejected a new job or position due to the office design or interior.

Further figures support the fact that good interior design affects young people’s desire to work for a company, as 34% of 18 to 24 year olds said that they would commute up to an hour for an office that was considered perfect, whereas only 22% of 45 to 54 years said they would do the same.

The study additionally found that 16% of 18 to 24 year olds have actually left a job because of how poorly designed the office was. Nearly a third, or 31%, of workers are bored with their current office environment and feel uninspired at work, with 28% describing their place of work as outdated and dull.

Interior design is much more than just aesthetics but also refers to the working conditions and working environment of your employees. Good working conditions and modern, progressive interior design is extremely desirable for young people and should therefore be an aspect that Yorkshire and UK businesses adapt in order to be able to recruit young talent.

Commercial interior design across the corporate sector directly affects various aspects of a workplace and the wider business, such as the productivity, teamwork, creativity and culture. It is important that your workers enjoy coming to work and one of the keys ways to encourage this is through professional interior design.

If an office is designed to be open plan, then this will directly inspire more teamwork amongst your employees as they will be freer to discuss and share ideas with each other. Similarly, if an office space is bright and colourful, this will inspire creativity much more than a dull, grey one and is likely to create a much warmer and friendly environment.

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