The IKEA founder that revolutionised interior design

Following the news of the unfortunate passing of Ingvar Kamprad, the founder of IKEA, So Sound Design look back at how much he revolutionised interior design.

Since he founded IKEA, the company’s unique flatpack furniture became world famous and the company has truly transformed the way we all think about furniture. The influence and impact Ingvar Kamprad has had on interior design is monumental.

IKEA undoubtedly made putting up furniture incredibly simple. The unique self-assembly model came about when an employee had to unscrew the legs off a table to fit it into his car. The DIY self-service model of IKEA furniture meant any homeowner could now assemble almost any piece of furniture in their home quickly and easily. This transformation meant that they could take control of their own interior design and it massively simplified the process of buying new furniture and redecorating homes.

Affordability was a principle that was very close to Ingvar Kamprad. He wanted to provide products that were widely available to the masses. Despite being the worlds richest man in 2004, the IKEA founder was famously frugal. He would buy second-hand clothes, take public transport and even haggle prices at the market. The flatpack furniture massively reduced the costs of interior design and home furnishing as there was no installation costs. As a result, interior design didn’t need to be grand or expensive: it was something that every homeowner could do without needing a lot of bank-breaking money.

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